It's kind of electric isn't it?
Image and video hosting by TinyPic Rochelle. 18.
I'm an introverted atheist with an irrational fear of veins, sting rays, the dark and moths. I ask too many questions. I talk too fast and I walk too slow. I tell way too many rubbish 'Your Mum' jokes. And this one time in my sleep, I sang Delta Goodrem's 'Born to Try'. I'm told it was glorious.
Hobbies include: watching films, listening to music, reading, drawing, writing terrible poetry, getting drunk alone and tweeting about stupid things.
It was nice to meet you.


Oh No That Was Probably A Really Weird Thing To Say Wasnt It: A Memoir


can’t decide if i want to masturbate, eat a whole pizza, or kill myself

i feel like a person who has just stepped in dog shit

my dad is learning ‘somebody that i used to know’ by gotye on guitar. so before when i was thinking i couldn’t get any more miserable and irritated, i was wrong.

so very wrong. 

i have jelly in my fridge but i just learnt that it’s made from animal product.
what the fuck is up with that?!

this is a post marking the most disappointing moment of my life. 


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